The PacMed Way

Our outstanding employee satisfaction results highlight our great culture. Our employees are committed to delivering great care to our patients and to working effectively and respectfully with one another.

Inside PacMed – from our team members

What our staff says:

"PacMed hires a special kind of person... The friendships that I’ve made here are forever. It’s been a great experience working here.”

“It’s not just a business here...we go way beyond that. And because we do, it comes back to us and makes us better people.”

What our medical providers say:

"PacMed has done a great job of recruiting and maintaining the best employees, best providers, best staff out there and they do an incredible job of helping them to grow in their own careers."

"Working at PacMed helps me live my best life by giving me an opportunity to see all sorts of different types of patients professionally, and yet have the time personally to invest in my family and my friends. It's a great balance working here."